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Welcome to the Bid4Build production upgrade processing center.  This is where you can access the latest Bid4Build version 3.5, Standard Edition program updates, Documentation updates and Craftsman Updates (when available).  Each update, fix or enhancement to version 3.5 is tracked documented, dated and available for review prior to installing the latest Bid4Build V.3.5 update packages. 

Once you complete the information below, you will be presented with a download screen for the Bid4Build program updates.  You will need to provide your original reference number [RE#] for security access and tracking purposes.  This was supplied to you as part of your initial Bid4Build Software purchase and email confirmations.  If you do not have access to this number, you can email us at

As part of standard operating procedures, we recommend you FIRST make a BACKUP of your Bid4Build system.  This can be accomplished by making a copy of the directory "C:\Program Files\Bid4Build".  If you do not have a standard backup process in place, then you can use Windows Explorer to create a backup of the Bid4Build directory using the following process. 

Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the Bid4Build directory by starting with the root directory of your computer (usually drive "C"), then into Program Files, then you will see the Bid4Build directory.  Using your mouse, right click on the Bid4Build directory, select "Copy" then navigate to "Program Files".  Right click on "Program Files" then select paste.  This will create a backup copy of the Bid4Build directory. 

You can download the selected Bid4Build installation file to a directory folder of your choosing on your computer, or simply run the installation file directly from the internet. The installation process will update your existing program or documentation files with the latest 3.5 updates.

WARNING:  Make sure you have first EXITED the Bid4Build program BEFORE you apply the program update.  If not, the update will require a reboot of your system before the installation process completes successfully.  This is because your computer will have control of the Bid4Build program file.

Reference #  
Note: You must enter your reference number and email address to  download and obtain proper confirmation of the update process.

Press Submit to send your information to download the latest Bid4Build production updates!